Hello everyone,

I get the error P00AF00 at irregular times.This usually happens on the highway after a few km.
Often after 10 km and then back after 20 km and then I drive 120 km and nothing happens.
When the error occurs, the car goes into limp mode.When turning off and restarting the car, everything is fine again for an unspecified number of km ( 50 - 100 km).
The error is not permanent.

After replacing my N75 (Turbo Control Valve), tested vacuum lines (dropped only "1 inch Hg vac" after 35 minutes, from 15 to 14)) and my G581 (Turbo Vane Actuator) which goes up and down smoothly with my manual vacuum pump the limp mode has returned. Code P00AF00 and now also P2564.

I had thought to clean the variable vanes of my turbo now.Has anyone ever opened a turbo like this?
What should I pay attention to during disassembly?
What are the parts to be replaced during such a disassembly?
Does anyone know a solution.

Thanks in advance.

PS: A5 Sportback 2.0 Tdi - 177 hp - 2014