Hi everyone,

I've just bought an Aftermarket Head Unit (an Xtrons) with the Android stuff and it all works pretty sharp except it doesn't have OPS which was one of the advertised features. I've had a look at my Park Assist on VCDS and it is on Channel 76 which is apparently the old channel on Comfort CAN for this and it actually needs to be Channel 10 via the Powertrain bus.

However, there are some of these brands (Erisin) that claim to be DUAL Channel CANBUS, which makes me question whether this should have worked out of the box or I should return it for a different model? I've had a look behind the stereo and there are two CANBUS wires, but unsure which bus this is. I would assume that this will only work if the data is actually on the bus behind the head unit, and if it was then retrofitting this to OEM head units etc, wouldn't involve the running of new wires and there'd be a simple adapter? I guess this is my logic... please correct me if I'm wrong.

If I was to retrofit this feature, I found this guide for a Passat which has details of a MK5 in the comments:
Upgrading of Volkswagen Park Distance Control (PDC) to Optical Parking System (OPS)

I installed a Bosch 1K0 919 475 L unit into my MkV R32. The pinouts are different for this unit as compared to the article.Brown T16 plug:
Pin 1: 12v input
Pin 8: Earth
Pin 9: Powertrain CanLow
Pin 10: Powertrain CanHigh

Black T12 plug:
Pin 9: Blue/Purple Beeper
Pin 10: Red/Blue Beeper

More information I found available via this current flow diagram:

I upgraded from the factory Bosch 1K0 919 283 A PDC to the Optical Parking System, recovered out of a Scirocco in a salvage yard with a compressed nose.
Does this sound plausible? I'm guessing this still involves running two new CANBUS wires down to the gateway and installing them on the powertrain bus? Bosch 1K0 919 283 A is the part I have installed currently. I assume this also wouldn't necessitate replacing the sensors? I've checked VCDS and they do report distance (in cm).

Worth a punt this is. Would be a nice feature. To be honest, I'm happy to have a go experimenting with the second (for the good of science ), if someone can confirm this isn't just a feature that another aftermarket head unit can provide out of the box?