Hi All,

New dad and Q5 owner all within about a week of each other! Pretty pleased.
I've been looking at what else is needed for the car and fell down a rabbit hole of mirror systems etc to be able to see the little guy when in his baby seat. Most of the solutions available involve strapping a mirror to the rear seat headrest so you *might* be able to make sure your kid is ok etc etc.

I'm a tech guy myself, and did find a product that links a camera to a dash mounted screen but it looked a bit crappy. Why have another screen when we've got the gorgeous audi one!?

So my questions is, does the Q5 have an AMI socket anywhere and if so, does it sound reasonably possible to be able to connect it to an AMI -> RCA adapter, then an RCA camera?
I understand I'll need the VIM coding, and not sure how to toggle any sort of aux video from the camera feed on/off the screen, but I can probably do this for about 40, so sounds like it's worth a shot, unless anyone here can spot a problem?