I need some advice please.

In Jan 2017 I exchanged my A6 c7 2.7 tdi My 2009 for an A8 D3 Quattro Sport 4.2 Diesel MY 2005. I also parted with cash.

I did not get a logbook as the seller told me he did not have one and I would have to pay for new one

I applied to DVLA and after a big delay I got the logbook, all was fine at that time.

Then a week or so later I got a call from the Police saying the A8 was stolen or possibly cloning, they came to my house and stripped the Audi back, but there was no issue there

It turned that the car I bought was supposed to be in a garage with work being done, the owner had a dispute with the mechanic, over work and money owed, the mechanic sold the car without telling the owner!

The DVLA wrote to the owner about a logbook and he ignored the letters thinking his car was in the garage.

I think I bought the car from the guy who bought it off the mechanic.

Also, I was stopped by the police a few times, eventually the police took it off their records as a until they taken off their database as a stolen car.

Anyway to cut a long story short, to stop it going to court, I agreed with the original owner to buy the car outright, paying over installments, I have now paid the car in full.

I have the logbook and want to sell the car, but it is now on hpi as an issue with the car reg and vin number, possibly stolen recovered?

I don't think the original owner got paid out from insurance either.

What do I need to do here, do I need to get it classified as cat d?

Do I contact MIB?

I cannot sell the car on gumtree or autotrader either.