My ABS pump failed the other night when slowing the car by ACC, the pump is running constantly and I have had to disable it by removing the connection at the battery fuse box strip. Fault Code 00301 - ABS Return Flow Pump (V39).

I can find a replacement pump affordably which has a slightly different revision number, 3AA 614 109 AL vs my AJ, which a higher software revision, SW0055 vs my SW0025, but the same hardware number of 07. The revision number AL is probably OK, hopefully a minor revision, and the electronics HW number is the same so my guess is the part is suitable for the car.

Does anyone know if I am likely to have issues with a newer software on the new unit being an issue for the other systems on the car? The car is DSG and ACC. If this is the case do I then need to have other units SW upgraded? Can I do this with a HEX-CAN Rosstech VCDS lead?