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Thread: 1998 GTi 8V: Stuttering under load at 3000rpm

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  1. 1998 GTi 8V: Stuttering under load at 3000rpm 
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    I have a 1998 Mk3 GTi 8V, picked it up a few months back, and other than a few old car rattles, the only real issue is pretty much identical to this: MK3 Golf stuttering under load at 3000rpm

    Usually occurs under load, say on the motorway, and generally going uphill - just under 3000RPM, feels like it's coughing/spluttering, but if you push through it's fine.

    I also suspect that I'm not getting full power out of it, and getting about 32MPG (running on Super Unleaded).

    Don't have the fully-detailed history (receipts etc.), but it has been serviced regularly at a main dealer with all the appropriate stamps.

    Since getting the car it's been serviced and MOT'd, with the only issues being exhaust and tyres (now resolved).

    The plugs and HT leads look new-ish - the distributor cap and rotor arm have been replaced, and the ignition timing adjusted.

    The crankcase breather hose was replaced by the dealer I bought the car from as apparently it was cracked.

    The Air Flow Meter is a Hitachi AFH60-10A.

    To the best of my knowledge, it's a 2.0l, AGG engine, with a SIMOS 4S ECU.

    I've picked up an OBDeleven dongle with a view to getting some useful information out of it.

    It is showing the following fault:

    Oxygen Sensor Control - Upper Limit Stop Value / 00537

    This fault was originally showing as "Intermittent", but after clearing it and going on a test drive, it has come back and showing as "Static".

    I was hoping to graph the air flow vs RPM, and find out the fuel trim values, but the data I'm getting back from the OBDeleven doesn't quite match up with any group details I've seen elsewhere. I have no idea if this is a restriction of the dongle, or just the age of the car, but from other posts I've read I was expecting more.

    I've only managed to access 8 groups when trying to read the Live Data, this is at idle (Group 000 having 10 values, 001-007 with 4 values each):

    000: 93 || 129 || 134 || 42 || 14 || 14 || 6 || 14 || 2 || 27
    001: 896 /min || 90C || 0.3 V || 10100010
    002: 864 /min || 2.0ms || 13.4 V || 46 C
    003: 864 /min || 16% || 6.50 < || 25%
    004: 864 /min || 16% || 0 km/h || 01000000
    005: 864 /min || 0 % || 0.0 ms || 00000110
    006: 0.4 ms || 1.10 || 1.05 || 1.00
    007: 60 || 6 || 0.78 || 00000000

    The values are exactly as returned by the OBDeleven, including the units.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Re: 1998 GTi 8V: Stuttering under load at 3000rpm 
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    You can’t adjust the ignition timing of an AGG, the distributor hall sender only tells the ECU where number 1 is and you can unplug it and the engine will still start and run normally up until around 5000 rpm. The fault code implies the lambda sensor is telling the ECU the exhaust gases are weak and looking at the labels from memory 25% at 003/4 is the lambda correction value applied so either a faulty lambda sensor or an air leak in the exhaust system before the lambda sensor, commonly this is at the three bolt cat flange and the genuine VAG gasket let’s in a tiny trace of air which flows across the sensor and send the ECU crazy, an aftermarket gasket with a little exhaust paste stops this if the flanges are OK. Also the same type of leak can happen at the cylinder head on cylinders 1 and 4 where the gaskets blow out.
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