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Thread: Allroad Air Suspension Compressor strip & repair

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  1. Allroad Air Suspension Compressor strip & repair 
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    Well for some time I, along with other Allroad’rs have been keen to see what actually makes the Allroad suspension compressor tick, well rattle anyway. I have had two dismantled and here are the findings:

    1st many thanks to VinPetrol from VWAF who very kindly donated his old compressor which we believe was fitted (badly) by the last owner and had done approx 70K miles. The compressor was manufactured dated 2004. Its symptoms were, it was noisy & poor performance, so what makes it noisy and loose performance…..?
    There are only a few moving parts, rotating motor, crank, piston and some one way valves. In this case the motor is fine no play in shafts, but the piston ring was a loose fit in the cylinder bore, with a lot of side to side play which would result in poor compression and could increase the noise.

    In short, I have made a replacement Piston ring made from 25% Carbon graphite PTFE which is the same as the material used on the original, and ideal for these dry running applications. I have one fitted and it is now on trial on my own Allroad, the compression is renewed and now lifts the car much quicker. This is just under trial just now but I am quietly confident this is a good repair for the Allroad giving it a new lease of life. Better than 300-400 for a new air compressor!!

    I could manufacture new PTFE rings in kits, if any one would be interested in changing these themselves then let me know. Typical symptoms would be it is very slow to raise through the levels, or even failing to reach a level, & very noisy. Get a fault code first to make sure all sensors & systems are working ok 1st.
    I have had a new piston ring fitted to mine for 3 weeks now, I timed it the other day with car parked raised it from level 1 to 2 took 18 seconds, from level 2 to 3 took 18 seconds, and from level 3 to 4 took 45 seconds, it seems to run even better now than from when it was 1st fitted, I even struggle to hear it running at all .

    This Piston ring repair kit may also suit other models I believe this Wabco unit part no 415 403 106 0 and other similar versions, can be found on the Q7, VW Touareg, Merc, BMW, Discovery and others. See wabco list in the PDF document found below.
    I looked into this further & VW actually offer a repair kit for the Touareg compressor consisting of a new piston ring, o-ring seal and bolts. From pictures I have seen, they look the same wabco compressor unit apart from mounting brackets & the drier unit does differ slightly, but I have no evidence if they are actually the same.
    VW also offer a new drier unit part which a few were for sale on E-bay recently but wrongly advertised as for the Allroad. The Touareg has another connection from the drier unit for inflating tyres from the same compressor hence it is not a straight forward fit for the Allroad.

    For peoples ref the VW part number, should anyone wish to pursue, is 7L0 698 030 for the Piston repair kit 108+VAT I have no evidence if it is compatible. In my opinion the motor assembly and piston look very, very similar, also the ones offered by Arnott are from wabco & they look the same motor unit, only with different mountings, drier air connections or electrical connections, to suit different models. I may be wrong, I do not wish anyone to follow this info and for it to be wrong. Audi say the piston repair kit is not on offer for the Allroad, and in my opinion the kit was too expensive for me, to only maybe fit.

    For a repair kit I was thinking a kit consisting of a new piston ring, new o-ring seal, 2 new bolts, loctite thread lock, tie wraps and a manual to fit it, I was thinking total 35 delivered to your door. I could make this kit available on E-bay or contact me direct to discuss other options.

    See PDF for more info and photos of the strip down in more detail Here: C5 Allroad Suspension compressor repair.pdf

    Anyway some may find all the above info usefull J, others may not L. All Photos of the compressor in various bits can be found in my albums in my profile, If anyone else knows any other info, or if I have anything incorrect about these compressors it would be great to know more.

    Any thoughts on, or any numbers interested in a Repair kit welcomed,


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