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11-04-2011, 04:12 PM
Hi Guys,
Currently awaiting delivery of my 2011 Audi A4 3.0TDI (Manual gearbox, quattro). Will potentially be interested in a DPF delete..and possibly a remap! Could you guys give me an idea of what this is likely to cost? and how long you would need the car for?

I ideally would like the DPF delete to be reversible..as Im likely to sell the car in about 4 years time, and would like it back to how it is right now rather than sell it on with a dpf delete on.


Issac Hunt
11-04-2011, 04:48 PM
You'll cause yourself issues with the warranty by removing the DPF. Why bother? If you want more power then buy a S/RS instead. I doubt you'd even notice the extra power gained by removing the DPF, for sure you'll notice a normal remap but I doubt you'd feel the bit extra from taking the DPF off.

Remap is reversible (but still detectable if you know what you're doing) but the DPF removal will involve fitting a new piece of exhaust pipe or cutting the DPF out of the current piece.

11-04-2011, 06:28 PM
Hi Andrew
This is becoming an increrasingly common question as more and more DPF problems are arrising.
Your car will have tuning protection so the only way to remap the ecu is by removing from the car and using a tri-core lead so it is not a cheap remap option - this also runs the risk of a software update from the main dealer overwriting this and to re remap again will need the same process.
I havent got the exact dpf spec of your vehicle but many Audis have a combined Catalytic convertor / DPF so a replacement sans DPF would be expensive, to remove the dpf part by cutting removing and welding back up would work but that is not reversible.
Added to this I have herd 2012 MOTs will be vehicles post 2008 fitted with a dpf as standard will require it to be present for the MOT

DPFs will work fine in most instances as long as the car has a mixture of driving i.e. including motorway or a road blasts over 2500 rpm for 20 odd minutes so my advice for you is probably leave well alone if this is the case for you

A remap or tuning box will give you extra power and improve mpg if that is your aim


11-04-2011, 10:12 PM
Ok Thanks guys. The only reason I was asking, is not because I want more power or economy...its simply because I want to know I've got a route out if I get problems. I've read a lot of horror stories on the internet about DPFs...but I didn't want to let this put me off getting the 3.0TDi. I've test driven it and know its an awesome engine. I do a lot of mixed driving (Town/long A roads)...and am hoping I don't run into any issues. I can deal with going for a drive if I get any warning lights though :P...I dont think I need an excuse to get out on the roads :D.

Thanks for the advice.


12-04-2011, 10:35 AM
theres always a solution my friend
In fact I have a colleague ( another Viezu approved dealer ) in Huntiungdon
www.jwe-automotive.co.uk (http://www.jwe-automotive.co.uk) and he has a DPF cleaning service that uses Tunap cleaning solutions that will clean a dpf incredibly well, so if your dpf is just sooted up he can clean that to as good as new he can also clean egr valves and throttle bodies if this is the cause of the problem.
This is a serviuce I will be offering in the not too distant future but need a nice little garage to work from and everything I ve looked at so far hasnt been suitable

DPF Cleaning is going to be big news in the future as more vehicles with these filters start causing problems and if teh MOTs are going the way its looking removal may no longer be the solution.
I had a call from a driving instructor yesterday with a new shape vw polo 1.6 tdi 90 with 18,000 miles that needs to be taken for a motorway blast every two days to clear itself out - he phoned the main dealer who said its not covered by warantee - great I bet they didnt tell him that when he bought the car