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    Polo 1.4 16V - EPC light, oil and service light issues

    I've had my Polo for the last 3 years and it's been quite entertaining to say the least. There are a couple of issues which I'd like to throw open

    1. My EPC light keeps coming on, and staying on.............then it goes off for a few months, the comes on. What does it mean - it doesn't seem to be causing me any problems at the moment

    2. My car gets serviced at a non VW garage, and as such the service light doesn't get turned off - any ideas about to do it - I've had a scout round the net and there seem to be a few ideas out there - is it model specific and I am going to mess something up if I do it wrong.........or do I worry too much!!!

    3. The Polo seems to go through alot of oil - and it isn;t leaking it. Do these cars have a particular issue with oil useage.

    4. I seem to have problems starting it when it's not been used for a week or two

    The car gets regular servicing and a fair amount of TLC - I've never had so many 'little thing' go wrong with any other car I've owned............maybe its a lemon or maybe there are simple answers

    Who knows


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    What year????

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    Re: Polo 1.4 16V - EPC light, oil and service light issues

    Polo EPC light issues. Having read many threads on various sites I think that I have a new answer to report! We've had the dreaded light, and attendant loss of power, on our 11,000 mile E reg 1.4. Following is the warranty repair confirmation:
    Repair (1) Confirm faults stored for throttle
    Check TPI's - none found
    Check for GFF
    Remove and inspect air box
    Remove and inspect ECU
    Test wiring with VAS 5060A & VAG 1598/122
    Found high resistance on wire from throttle pin to ECU T80/61
    Replaced wire in wiring loom, complete from throttle to ECU
    Test and all OK
    Hope this is helpful and I'll return to post if we have any re-occurence



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