Evening All

Just had my A4 2.5 TDi Quattro in local garage to clear the following fault codes as the glow plug light started flashing.

00741 Brake pedal monitoring (new switch has been fitted)
01375 Engine mounting valve stage 1 (new mounting has been fitted)

The final code is 00532 supply voltage signal too small which they can't clear and hence the glow plug light remains flashing on the dash.

Coincidentally I have a constantly lit air bag light but this had been on for months before the glow plug light started flashing.

Any ideas as to whether the 00532 code is related to the first two codes or is as a result of the airbag light. Some folk on other forums think that the seat belt tensioner igniter may cause a 00532 code but the puzzling thing is that the garage has not pulled up any fault code for the air bag system.

At a bit of a loss as I now watch my dash start to take on the form of Blackpool illuminations.