It is happening again....

How many more times do we have to say.... UNLESS you are an approved supporter of the site, OR it is a GENUINE PRIVATE advert, the advert will be removed and you will be banned!

This includes, but is not limited too, members that have been warned before... who try to bypass the system... make, what appear to be commercial adverts, make out they are someone else to get around this rule, register under a different name, or try to sell on behalf of a mate who is in "the trade" ! EVEN if the goods are FREE... You know who you are - so STOP NOW!!!!!


We are sick of a few members taking the ****!

If you have a problem abiding by the Rules & Regulations we have on the site, the Rules & Regulations you agreed to accept when you registered, then please email myself or one of the team and your membership will be removed.

The Forum Team