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    It has been said before that Alan at Gbrtech is very helpful regarding the supply of Krytox. This is true. To save him being bothered by many more emails from us EOS owners, I am pasting below his response to my recent enquiry. Apologies for the lack of paragraph breaks - they seem to get stripped out. This gives you everything you need to know to order. Prices may of course change from time of this posting. Thank you for your enquiry - we have been contacted by, and supplied, many Eos owners. We are the official UK Distributor for DuPont Krytox lubricants. Most found us via the 'VW Eos Club' forum. Overview The main function of Krytox for the coupe/cabrio application is to act as a semi-permanent lubricant film to eliminate creaks originating from elastomer/panel interfaces for the roof sections, and roof mechanism linkages/location points. In the case of the VW Eos, the majority of owners are also reporting water leaks, and our initial thought was that Krytox is not intended to address this directly. However, having seen the entries on the various Owners Forums, and spoken with several owners, we have a better understanding of the issues. It seems that as the vehicle is supplied, there is a possibility for 'dry' seals to become distorted when roof is closed, and these distortions may be sufficient to allow water ingress. It is considered that treatment of the seal sections with Krytox will provide a very low friction surface, allowing panels to offer up to the seals more readily, reducing the scope for distortion. The Industry Standard Krytox grade for anti-squeak and rattle is GPL 105 - this is the PFPE material in oil form. The most convenient pack size is 30ml applicator bottle with fabric wick cap. The material is also available in grease form as GPL 205 - the GPL 105 oil is thickened with microfine PTFE to provide a pure white paste. I also attach the TDS for your information. We would suggest that the oil is the most appropriate version for treating the relative large surface area of elastomer seal, and perhaps consider the grease for treating the roof linkages. Key considerations - seal material needs to be squeaky clean before application of Krytox - free of body wax, silicone etc. We use methylated spirits as a solvent for achieving this. - application amounts need to be minimal - avoid temptation to overapply. Be cautious of contamination onto unwanted areas such as glass and paint (very difficult to remove!!) - the applicator bottle is quite convenient, although I find fingers the best method to apply the product. Can work well into the seals, and get into the nooks and crannies which are guaranteed to be the source of noise. Krytox is a very safe and inert material (both to operator and substrate) - does not cause seal swell or cracking. I attach a relevant link from VWVortex below - as a US entry referring to application of Krytox to the EOS roof system. This shows the person applying via the nozzle of the bottle, rather than the applicator cap - and to our mind, the application looks a bit heavy, but it gives a good indication of the areas for treating. Durability Krytox is not considered to be a 'temporary' fix. It does not suffer water-washout, does not oxidise, and does not migrate. DuPont have carried out fluorine flame testing on treated door seal sections 4 years after application, and found comparable levels to those at time of application. Pricing Krytox GPL 105 applicator bottle, 30ml 18.00/30ml bottle Krytox GPL 205 grease, 2oz 19.00/2oz tube Both are ex stock, and prices are ex VAT, ex works. We accept Credit Card payment (excepting Amex and Diners), our minimum order quantity is 30.00, so we would suggest you take either x2 of the bottle, or perhaps one of each bottle + grease. We can ship these amounts in a Jiffy bag in the post - allow 3.50 for Post and Packing. All contact information is below - please call if you need more data, or to place an order. GBR Technology Ltd T: 0118 9820567 F: 0118 9820590
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