Thread: Golf GT TDI or BMW 1 Series 120D ??

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  1. Smile Golf GT TDI or BMW 1 Series 120D ?? 
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    Hello All,

    I've been looking around for a diesel car for awhile now and finally narrowed my choice down to either the Golf 2.0 GT TDI or the BMW 1 series 118D or 120D (pre face lift models).

    My budget is around 8000 and i travel about 30000 miles per year. The most important features to me are:

    1. Economy
    2. Fun to drive
    3. Big enough to fit 4 adults and a baby pram in the boot.
    4. Resale value

    I have driven both models and they are both great cars, even though the power delivery is quite different on them.

    Maybe some answers will be a little biased on this forum, but i would apprieciate any of your views.

    Many thanks

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    Hi, i had this exact dilema and ended up going for the GOLF 2.0 GT TDI 140bhp. I think i made the right choice. Its got the power, looks, and its practical. I think its a more spacious car compared to the 1 series, and my daughters pram fits easily in the boot. Another major selling point for me was that the 1 series comes with the special tyres, which cost about 200 each if you ever get them puncured. Hope this helps, Mo
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    Hi traveller88!

    I have driven both ands over the years have owned both German makes.

    I have the 140 GT TDI Golf and love it. My previous golf’s were MK2's and boy has the handling come on.
    I thought they (Golds/VWs) were poor spec and bland but had much more than i expected, and that's coming from a fully spec'd 328i BMW.

    As you prob found the Golf has quite a kick to the turbo, the 120D more progressive. My golf does very easily wheel spin even with TC on, so I miss the RWD! But the golf in't much behind the 'drivers' car.

    I found the BM very claustrophobic, with poor visibility to the rear and side views.
    You will prob find the BM's vary in spec as per the original owners requests.

    Had a few issues with the Golf all covered under warranty. (dash went wrong and a throttle sensor) BMW bend over backwards for you if you keep up the warranty with them but it costs, more than VW, which is high.

    I took five up on holiday last year in the golf and it was a squeeze, with four it is fine unless the driver sits right back (like I do) the BM has less leg room in the rear i think.

    I get 50-52 average MPG on the golf the BMW was about 42!

    Finally, the Golf sounds like a tank when on idle and more so when cold, but fine when at speed; the BMW has better noise reduction.

    good luck, Kev.
    '08 GOLF GT TDI 140

  4. Re: Golf GT TDI or BMW 1 Series 120D ?? 
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    Thanks for the answers.

    Having driven both of these cars again, i am definately going to go for the Golf. I found the BMW too small and claustrophobic, not much head room for the driver and very small area for rear seat passengers.

    The boot space in the golf was a lot bigger and even loaded with a kiddies pram, there was still enough space for a few bags of shopping.

    Just trying to decide if it is going to be the 2.0GT or the 1.9 SE Tdi now...

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