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Thread: Replace Front Window Regulator On A4 B6 Cab

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    Just replaced the front window regulator on my A4 Cab, thought I'd write it up how I did it while its fresh in the memory.

    10mm small socket set
    Torx Scredriver T10 I think (I used a cheap torx set from B+Q)
    Flat bladed and Posidrive screwdrivers various sizes.
    Various allen key keys or hex drivers.

    1. Remove inner door trim by pulling off from nearest the front of the car, the last clip is a slide clip that comes off by sliding the trim towards the rear of the car and gently pulling.

    2. Undo the 4 hidden screws underneath, 2xtorx and 2xphillips.

    3. Remove the phillips screw at the bottom of the door underneath the side pocket.

    4. Use a screwdriver to gently pry out the electric window switches, unplug them and unscrew the hidden torx screw underneath.

    5. Lift the doorcard starting from the bottom to pop the clips and it will come away. Unplug the 2 electrical connectors (one blue and one small black one).

    6. I believe you can remove the soundproofing by using a razor blade, I just used a stanley knife to cut a large hole round the edge of it then use gaffer tape to stick it back afterwards where the biggest inspection hole is in the door. Just push in the soundproofing to find the hole.

    7. Remove the speaker (4 phillips screws).

    8. You should now see the 2 screws on the regulator holding the glass in place, one front, one back arm. Get someone to hold the glass and remove both torx screws, then lift the glass out.

    9. Remove the tweeter by taking the grill off the front, then remove the philips screw underneath.

    10. Theres an allen key bolt underneath this that then needs removing.

    11. Underneath the door there are 2 rubber grommets. There are actually 4 but you need to remove the 2 that are not obscured by the door rubber.

    12. Through the holes you just made remove the 2x10mm bolts using your socket set.

    13. On the right hand regulator stantion there is another retaining bolt. You will need to cut a small hole in the soundproofing to access it. Its about an inch from the top right of the proofing. Theres a 10mm bolt under there, undo it.
    14. Undo the 3 hex screws holding the motor in place then pull it towards you to remove.

    15. Use a set of plyers to nip the white clips that hold it in place and push the regulator into the door.

    16. You now need to put you hand into the door gap, remove the window runner trim from inside the regulator arm on the front stantion. Do this by pulling from the bottom upover. Dont damage it as it goes back in the new regulator ! The regulator will now come out through the hole you just made in the soundproofing. Its a bit of a chew on but just work it out gently, you may find it beneficial to remove the window rubber trim from the top of the door for better access, just pull it off, the left hand stantion comes out by working it past the rubber thats holding it on place. Its like a bar that sticks up. Note where it comes from so you can put it back in the same place. You can also use your new regulator to give you an idea of where it goes.

    17. The regulator should be out now. Simply reverse the whole process to replace the regulator. Testing the electrics before putting the panel on fully, also checking that the window is in the exact right place using the dirt marks from the old installation.

    Electric mirrors,
    Check the window drops an inch when opening the door
    Alarm bypass buttons.

    Thats yer lot.

    Total time taken 2.5 hours with breaks.
    Could have done it in 2 hours easily if I'd have had instructions.

    Any questions feel free to post and I'll try to answer. Im not a mechanic but having trawled the internet for instructions thought I'd better write some up as I couldnt find any.

    Having looked at the old one, which was completely fallen to bits as the wire had snapped there is no way I'd even try to attempt a wire repair. Recommended course of action is Window regulator from Audi @ 92. A bit pricey but its the right one for the job.

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    Just been fighting getting my door card off my 03 cab, wish I'd seen this post earlier. Looks like I need a new regulator also, all the wire was frayed around the motor cog and think the cast rachet type block is snapped. If you know what I mean, attachs close to the back of the motor, think this is the bit that winds the window up a bit when you close the door on a cab. I'm a bit of a cheap skate and would plump for the wire repair kit, but looks like I may have to go for the regulator to replace the cast rachet thingy also. Will let you know how I get on, great post btw in a great forum!!!!
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    Now got - 56 A4 Quattro 2.0tfsi sline Quartz Grey.
    Gone - 03/04 A4 2.4s Silver Cab.
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    Great post - I've just done this and this made it much easier.

    Took me just over an hour, and quite manageable for an enthusiastic amateur.

    One extra thing I found was that the left hand stancion was held in place by an additional Tori screw, accessed through another rubber grommet behind the door seal just above the door hinges.
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