Hi all,
i hope there's someone who can help me solve the problem with my 2001 Bora 1.6L 16v.
The car just sputters and dies after reaching working temperature. It can be prolonged if the rpm's are kept over 1500, but obviously driving it like that doesn't work very well.
the engine management llight comes on and that is it.
The error codes were going all over the place and eventually i had to replace the ECU, the diagnostics said a burned out resistor was at fault.
New ECU in, recoded, same thing happening.. O2 sensor changed as well as the engine speed sensor, ultimately even the new throttle body was put in and i'm running out of ideas..

I have heard of relay 109 or something like that, that regulates ECU power supply, but i do not know where to find it. I could not find a relay map on the web.
If anyone knows the location of the relays that might be the cause of this problem, or any other advice or suggestion, that would be very appreciated.