Folks, got the A4 back from her 40k service today. Not impressed - it failed it's MOT on one count of a mis-aligned headlight. Given it passed it's last MOT I'm a bit ****** off as it hasn't been adjusted/whacked since so either the last MOT was crap or this one is....anyway - it's done.

One advisory on the service - feathered tyre on the rear passenger side. What can cause this on the Avant rear suspension - anyone know?

Also - it's been a bit smokier than normal since the Multichronic was replaced - and they commented the EGR valve was leaking oil which was "a normal problem with them" and they weren't going to replace. Much arguing later and they are replacing it on wednesday before the warranty runs out.

Also while I'm here, and advice on brakes. Apparently it needs all replacing - front and back, discs and pads - and they've quoted me £470! F**k that given the ATE parts are £160 all in....anyone got any suggestions as to what the dealer might drop the price to - or suggestions otherwise...?