Hi Guys.

I have a 2001 B5.5 1.8T Passat SE. Its been good as gold, touch wood, up until now (135k as of today!) but its had a problem growing since around 130k which is slowely getting worse.

When breaking from speed (you dont notice at all around town) there is a vibration through the whole of the car. The faster you break from and/or the harder your break the worse the vibration - to the point I darnt break hard through fear of something breaking!

As I say, its got worse over the last 5k miles.

The car had new disks and pads around 100'000 (35k miles ago) although they where cheap s**t "in a rush" quick-fit pads and discs fitted by a quick-fit-fitter!

Any ideas what it could be? Pads (looking through the alloys) dont look low... although one of the back disks has some strange squiggly markings on it (not sure if thats associated).