Where is the relay hiding?
Where is the relay located that powers the heated mirror circuit on the 2000 1.8T beetle? Both sides were working some time ago. I have confirmed that the mirrors themselves are working properly when powered up. All fuses have been checked and I removed and checked the plugin relays which all work.

The wiring diagram I have shows the relay to be in position eight. That position does not have a relay in it yet the heat circuit has worked. Is the relay under the dash cover and not behind the instrument cluster above the clutch/brake pedals?
I have been jumping the drivers side power source to the mirror to the red/white lens light in the bottom of the drivers door. You must keep the door ajar to power the drivers side mirror.

I hate to go to the dealer for this simple trouble shooting that surly will cost me $60+ just for labor.

Cool mirror luke needs your help.