So I've always had OEM batteries from new in the car, I last picked up an OEM battery from TPS, but to be honest it's has not lasted long. Maybe 4 years tops, use the car 5 days a week, and it's gets a 10 mile run twice a day upto 60 mph roads, so usually keeps the battery topped up and car gets up to temperature.

Anyway, TPS no longer want general public sales any longer, so looking for another battery. Typically when you type in the OEM model number, you get a million choices.

OEM Battery was made by Varta, model 000 915 105 DH. The OEM battery is quite large in the tray, says it's 80Ah, think it's 640 CCA
Car is a 52 reg, 1.9tdi 130 Saloon,

Car starts with ease after a jump start, but can't be relied on to start the car after a couple of days sitting idol, more so on a cold morning.

Would you go Bosch S4 or S5, another varta or something else?

Varta website suggests 3 different models....Bosch pretty much the same. Tanya batteries suggests 16 different models, batteries on the web suggests 9 different ones.

Looks to be a minefield! Any recommendations?