During the last week, I have had to remove classified posts from various sections of the forum.

This was not because they had been put in the wrong place, but, to bypass the rule that all members who wish to use the classified MUST have a minimum of 5 posts, we do not want "one post wonders" using this site for a free advert, and ALL post will be approved by the staff BEFORE they appear.

Both the classifies sections have the rules in plain English, as shown below:-

"Use this to offer your items for sale.....Please note anything concidered illegal OR commercial will be deleted....Please Note: All threads started in this sections will be placed into a "Moderator queue" for approval by the Staff BEFORE they will appear in the section. YOU ONLY SUBMIT THE THREAD ONCE! It will appear within 24 hours of submitting subject to approval....PLEASE NOTE: Members need a minimum of 5 posts before they can use these classifieds... DO NOT TRY TO BYPASS THIS by putting adverts in other sections.. THEY WILL BE REMOVED!"

Plus, we do have Rules and Regulations in the FORUM INFORMATION section, here http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/s...=4201#post4201

Please do not try to bypass these simple rules.