Have been offered a 2010 Passat 1.6tdi.&nbsp;<br><br>I dont need the car, but I am missing something to tinker with. This was parked last fall, and has been standing since. All springs must be replaced, and then it started overheating. Not boling, but creeping over the mid level etc. So he parked it. Now it wont start, but he reckons that is down to battery. I am not sure about that, but its really cheap and I am looking for a project<br><br>It has run 60.000 miles.&nbsp;<br><br>My questions are as follows, what can go wrong starting up a passat that has been standing mostly still for a year (it was last moved before the summer and started then). Is there any tricks to waking up a 1.6 tdi (i have mostly worked on petrolcars)?&nbsp;<br><br>Do I need to replace the timing belt, if the car only har run 60`miles, when its 10 years old? (I havent checked yet if its been done, but reckon the water pump at least is up for replacing).&nbsp;<br><br>Thanks for all replies