I've just glanced inside the front grille of our 2013 Alhambra and noticed something orange/red in there, down in front of the radiator on the inside of the plastic cover that goes under the engine bay. On closer inspection it's large pieces of rust/paint (some of them almost 1.5" square and over 1mm thick). It's come from a metal cross-member, I don't know it's proper name, that seems to go across the whole front of the car behind the bumper (roughly behind the number plate) but in front of the radiator. I got down and had a proper look at it and it's very badly rusted, practically falling apart, which surprises me because the rest of the car as far as I can see is in near immaculate condition.

Is this a common place for these cars to rust? Sorry to ask, I'm new to the Alhambra. I can't get any pictures right now but can do later.