I've just become the owner of a 2003 4.2 A8 and have an immediate problem I hope you can help with. My front nearside tyre is completely flat, and the car is sitting so low that I can't get a jack under it. I've found the jack mode and tried this, assuming it would raise the car, but it doesn't. I've set the suspension to lift and this also hasn't raised the vehicle enough- in fact it sits higher on Auto. I've solved the initial problem by driving onto a block to raise that wheel but going forwards I'm guessing there's an air leak in the system. Having searched I see there's issues with seals, and I need to solve this to prevent compressor burnout, but I don't know where to start. Is there a step by step test guide that I can use to isolate the issue? Or do you experienced people have tips for me to check initially?
Thanks in advance