So here is a new one which I've not seen before......Searched the web and cannot find any discussion

Have not driven the car more than 10 - 20 miles a week in the past 4 months with lockdown, but the other weekend was driving back home (2 hour drive) and noted that the car was getting quite warm and muggy inside. Thinking there might be something up with the Climate control, no real temperature change when adjusting the temperature control.

Then going around a roundabout there was a sssssssss noise from under the car, but nothing obvious so carried on. Then noted the temperature dropping, very cold inside the car. Looked down at the Climate controls and both driver and passenger were set on 5 degrees C (Previously on 20).

Normal temperature controls on a B7 go from HI (30) degrees down to 16 degrees and then LO, however they were on 5 degrees, a temperature which is impossible to reach. I then pressed the + button on each side and the temperature setting display increased in 2.5 degree incriments back up to 20.

When I got home, I noted a steady drip of water from under the car which caused a small trail on the road. It was clear in colour and oudourless. Coming from the rear of the engine tray cover. I can only assume it's condensate as it was a warm day. No other leaks from the coolant or washer fluid.

Everything seems to be working fine. I need to get out and give the car a VCDS scan, but it was odd.

Has anyone else seen such low temperature displayed on their Climate module?