Just got a passat 1.9 tdi auto, with an avf engine fitted. The car has multiple errors with a previous ccm repair, and the can gateway needing to relearn the modules that are fitted to the car. The last error that is persistent is an emissions workshop display and engine light on. There are no error codes in the ecu, but there is one for a faulty shift sensor f125 for the auto box. My internet research shows that the likely culprit is either the egr or the turbo vanes are sticking. It does smoke a little when revved but I am not ready to get it legal for a god drive to declog it. The car is a 2004 with 95000 Miles from new so my suspicion is that it needs a clean out.

Can anyone advise on my faults. I am prepared to take the turbo and egr off for cleaning if necessary but don't want to carry out unnecessary work.


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