I am really really stuck on this now,4 wks ago my skoda octavia mk2 1.9tdi 2009 would not start when engine was hot,cold starts no problem whatsoever,since then i firstly changed fuel pump as i rushed into panic,did not work.
So after searching through forums and forums and some mechanics,i have since changed the coolant temp sensor,the crankshaft sensor,and on friday changed the starter motor and also the fuel filter.also had battery tested and tried to start when engine was warm with power pack,all through this if i disconnect the coolant temp sensor the car starts hot or cold but i know im only by passing the problem doing this and need to get to the bottom of it.
I am spending an absolute fortune and getting nowhere there is no fault codes coming up on diagnostic machine,the guy who done the starter on friday thinks it is the injector seals are worn and not getting enough compression to start when engine is hot,that all sounds real but my question is if it is the seals worn then how is it if im disconnecting the coolant temp sensor the car will start no problem,if the seals are the problem then why would disconnecting the sensor have any effect and would it not mean if the seals were the problem then the car will not start warm regardless of coolant switch been connected or disconnected?if there is a air gap created from worn seals surely that air gap will not suddenly seal if im disconnecting the coolant temp sensor?i can not afford to keep trying things and to be honest no sane person can keep pumping money into the car hoping the next fix will solve the problem,can someone please advise or heslp if have experienced this before ?The car is running perfect apart from this problem and literally came into it overnight,26 yrs driving i have never encountered such a challenge lol, Thank you for time to read big rant ,i dont think cutting wire looms and by passing the coolant sensor into tricking the ecu to think its cold starting is the answer,surely the underlying problem needs to be found?The big problem is i do alot small runs for my job so this is causing havoc