Hi All,
After 18 months i have my car fixed.
E K motors in Smithy Bridge on Paragon Ind Est. Sorted this a good garage and good staff. Great prices as well

Posting on the forum to hope this can help many VW Group customers.
If you have a limited or no charging issue with many VW Group cars and you get the above OBD scan code error.
The error is not repeat not a faulty battery and is not repeat not the Generator/Alternator.
So many customers are paying for new AGM batteries and Alternators and this issue is a known fault in the wiring harness going to the main agents is pointless as VW Group would need to run a massive re call and be hit with warranty claims hire car fees etc.
The errors are on Audis and Seat and Skoda and Vw.
Many many support forums are listed with customers being told many things but not the truth.
In simple terms the AGM battery needs more volts to charge and a 12 Volt battery is more or less flat at 10.5 volts getting the battery to charge needs a special charger with a recovery mode.
The Fully Charged AGM battery will show 13 + Volts. I use a cheap Cig lighter /usb charger with a volt display it is about 0.1volts out but is great for watching the volts.
The wiring loom harness is only allowing at best under full load 12.3 to 12.7 volts thus over time the battery never gets a full charge.To charge up the last 20 or 30% takes hours at 2 or 4 amps chargers. Fast chargers 10amps +are not good for the AGM plates in the battery.
So a typical short drive with start stop heated seats lights on etc will take more out of the battery!!!
So many are using SMART battery chargers which is fine if the car is parked up for weeks but a modern car should be able to be parked for two weeks and start up ???
If you have the 02252 generator fault code and U100800 error then please get the modified wiring harness fitted this goes from the Alternator/generator to the battery.
Why VW will not offer a warranty fix is a question we should all ask.
But they are still suffering from the emissions scandal and another scandal would not be good news !!!!
Hope the above helps some people out.

My car starts very quick gets to running temperature within 1 mile and is doing more MPG also the trip miles computer is resetting its self every trip.
These faults were never fixed by the VW main agents when under warranty