Dear all

After running a Passat TDI 130 Sport for last 11 years, I have recently returned to the Audi club after purchasing a 2010 A6 S-Line SE 2.0TDI with 155K. Before the Passat, I had an Audi 80 1.9TDI that was built like a tank.

Do you recommend having a performance upgrade such as tuning box or ECU reprogrammed?
A search on the Audi website revealed my new car was involved in dieselgate. Unfortunately the car was recalled and the work done to fudge the NOx emissions. Therefore, do you recommend having the firmware fix 'rolled back' to 2010?

1) If so, what approximate costs am I likely to face?
2) Can you recommend garage in the Yorkshire area where the rollback and/or performance mod can be performed?
3) Can I expect and increase in mpg's and performance if the car is rolled back? For info, I don't drive very fast, and use full power infrequently.

Best regards