This is an ongoing situation, around 14 months ago the car gave the warning to fill with adblue, filled it up but the warning didn't go away.

Dealer took it in for two days to try and sort it, usual response of 'never seen anything like this before'.

Inbetween times I've filled it and the warning goes away.

Last week the warning is back again, filled it up, but the warning stays, can't obviously get to a dealer, who have now shut down anyway,

'In 600 miles the engine will not start' is the message, but the first time it happened the warning could drop by 50 miles after just 10 miles usage, we've elderly parents to shop for whichh now creates problems.

The local independent VW garage can't find any way to fix it and plugging in to the port doesn't even show any errors or indicate anything is wrong, he's tried searching the Internet and talking to others in the know who all think it might need a software update.

Any ideas anyone out there?