Hi all, my Roadster boot stopped working, in that it doesn't open - either via button inside the car or ok the key. It obviously opens via the emergency release. I have bought a new boot lock / actuator / solenoid or whatever it is called (release latch); fitted the part but to no avail. The boot will not open.

One interesting thing is that when I press the boot button (either by holding the button on the key or the button on the door inside the car) the green headlight light flashes once - not on the dash, but the small light on top of the lights button.

The battery seems fine, everything works as it should. The fuel button operates as normal.

I'm guessing probably a fuse issue? But where do I find that fuse, it isn't indicated in the fuse list nor in my manual? Oh, to top things up, now both registration lights went off too. I almost feel like no electrics is going in the boot area. Also, the light inside the boot has stopped working as soon as the boot stopped operating.

Please help!