hi all just thought i would share something with those suffering poor mpg . i have a 2.0 tdi cglc engine owned about three months now and at first i was very disappointed with the mpg and noticed it was doing a passive dpf regen about three times a week so i tried a bottle of luiqi molly dpf cleaner this never seemed to do anything except bring on a code for the 02 sensor when i removed the sensor it was very black and sutty so i got a tin of oven cleaner sprayed it in a bucket and waited for the foam to disappear leaving just the liquid i soaked just the tip of the 02 sensor in the liquid for 24 hours and was amazed just how much carbon it soaked off . i then swilled it under the tap and blasted it with clutch and brake cleaner put it back in the car and cleared the code . it as been 3 weeks now and not once as the car gone into dpf regen and there is a noticeable improvement in mpg and the car just feels nippier