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Thread: Perfect colour / color for an S7 ?

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  1. Perfect colour / color for an S7 ? 
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    I am just waiting to finish my current lease this year and will order an S7 Vorsprung. It seems we don't have the Exclusive program for the S7 in the UK.

    As the current plan is to actually keep the car - I want to make sure I get the right colour.

    Looking at the options - it seems Mythos Black is the only that works for me and at least on the picture, it seems to look pretty nice - especially with the black accents.


    But I am wondering what else is out there. As I won't be leasing the car, it will be a lot easier to change the car - so no restrictions etc.

    I considered a few options ...

    • Leave as is, powder coat wheels, rings and badges (or wrap or Topaz Skin) and maybe clear bra
    • Change colour from Audi palette - not sure there is anything I want - the ones I think that would fit - like the green one - is only available for RS models
    • Change colour using a Wrap or Topaz Skin. I considered purple. For wrap maybe KPMF Matte Iced Amethyst Titanium. When going Topaz Skin I'd be actually tempted to go for Viola Pasifae - Lambo colour - or the other extreme - Porsche's 2M8 - which essentially is Acid Green. Although Acid Green would be great for the S5 / RS5 .. but now I am pretty much settled on the S7 .. I think .. or RS5.

    But don't know .. if Audi would offer any colour - what would you use ?

    Also wonder if anyone ever comes out with a solution for the fake exhausts. Tempted colour match the inside of the fake tips with the outside colour so it MAY not be as obvious.

    Thoughts ?

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  2. Re: Perfect colour / color for an S7 ? 
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    Colour wise - I would go for a dark burgundy metallic (Always!)
    Failing that and after looking on the Audi configurator, then it would be a choice between the 2 blue metallics and the Tango Red metallic.
    Always ask if they can do an exclusive colour - you never know until they say no. And even then, call a different Audi garage and ask them too, just to confirm!

    Not a fan of wraps - but that is just me.
    but yeah, get it seen!

    Exhaust wilse - there will always be a decen fabricator who can fashion you some proper tips to stick out under a freshly cut or integrated valance. The fake exhausts are just nasty - and you'd want four shiny pips to show (2 at each side as per normal S-models) You might also find the same fabricator can make a better sounding exhaust too.....
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