Hi, I have just bought my second Ibiza (63) 1.2 TDI ecomotive it had a few problems but despite that , the engine ran sweet and for the first 700 miles driven it returned the now come to be expected 75-85 mpg on a run driven carefully.
The car had sadly had poor service history so.... fuel and air and oil/ filter changed and into an indi garage for timing and V belts water pump , aircon re charge and faulty air mass sensor.
what I wasn't expecting from all this love n care was higher fuel consumption ! I am now struggling to get 65 on a run where before as I say from this vehicle and a previous one ( got rear ended and writen off) they do 75-85 mpg on a run.
Q. Any one out there got any ideas ? And is there an Ibiza 1.2 TDI expert tuner out there ...... I have done 135,000 miles in these great little cars and know they should return great mpg when driven carefully .
thank you for any help you can give me.