Hi all,

Just passed 90k and decided to change the plugs. Engine is CCZB 210bhp. No error codes.

Took the old out and replaced with NGK PFR7S8EG.

Didn't actually look at what I took out and they've since gone in the bin

I torqued the plugs to spec and put everything back together.

I've since noticed a drop of around 3-4 mpg, even taking it easy on the motorway.

  • Are the PFR7S8EG likely to be what was put in at factory?
  • Should I have checked that they were correctly gapped (probably yes)?
  • Does anyone have opinions on what plugs I should have put in or are these correct?
  • Anything else I should check that might be causing high consumption?

I also know that this isn't the worlds most efficient engine... I would just like my 'economy' back to normal.

Thanks a lot.