Hi all,

I've owned the car for a few weeks, done a couple of thousand miles now and very impressed so far. I bought the car and then it spent the next 6 weeks being repaired by the dealer. I think he thought he had a mug who bought it, well he didn't and he had to fix it all hahaha.

I've got a set of 18" wheels to swap over today, already removed the Parrot and replaced it with P600 Mr 12 Volt system (very easy to fit). I have a factory DAB unit I want to retro fit (not DAB+). It also appears to be missing the nav system, which at this age is no loss
I have my own VCDS so I'm not afraid to work electrically or mechanically

Jobs to fix:
  • Sticky powerfold on the LHS mirror it gives a fault code on VCDS - need to know how to dismantle it
  • Leaking windscreen wash tank - I suspect a leaking o ring at the motor bit
  • leaking boost pipe (lower) - to investigate
  • jerky gear change from standstill to first and a noticeable pause on pressing the accelerator from low revs to actually picking up and moving. I suspect it's linked to the leaking boost pipe
  • Turn on dash lights so they stay on all the time - it's dark in there! Had to do that on the TT

Still own a TT and this is my 3rd Audi, I tried a Beemer and couldn't get on with it.