Hi there,

I have a June 2012 Golf GT 160 with the CAVD "twincharger" engine fitted, full service history, and 60k miles.

I bought it 4 years ago at 30k miles, fully aware of the potential issues with this engine, but I was interested to try out the twincharger technology, and I have to say overall its been a terrific car. I love the blend of power and economy, and it feels lovely and light and nippy after my previous diesel Bora. It has been annually serviced, and runs on super-unleaded (because I read about an issue with this engine when on poor fuel).

I added a litre of oil to it yesterday as it had dropped just below minimum, and it got me thinking about whether it was time to bail out, or whether I "have a good one" given that its made it this far without a major problem. Power and economy are both still good, I don't track the oil consumption accurately because I only generally do 30 miles a day in it, but I suspect it could use about a litre per two thousand miles - seems to increase if its been driven harder or at higher speeds, than just dawdling around.

Thanks for any suggestions. If I'm replacing it, it will hopefully be with a mk7 or mk7.5 GTi - which I'm hoping is less problematic?


- Rob