Local Dealer found one of these coming out of the factory this week - so estimates 4 weeks delivery

I wanted something to replace my 2005 A6 Avant, I will miss the A6 Sunroof and fully Electric Front seats and electronic rear child locks (and the fuel Economy).

But I am looking forward to the autonomous driving aids.

I test drove a manual 1.5 Petrol Saloon, it felt gutless and underpowered, but it did plod along - wouldnt get the heart racing though.

Hope it looks like this:
I had a good nose at the head lights - it looks like the leds shine down onto curved reflectors.

I could have had a Pyrite Silver Manual 150 this week - but I think this is worth the wait!

Leg room in the back is great - like the 2016 Superb I had for a while but the boot is huge - with the floor lowered.