Hi everyone,

Basically my turbo seals went on my car. I went and brought a second hand turbo got it fitted and straight away coil light started to flash plugged it in came up with code P256300 Turbocharger boost control position sensor- range/performance problem.

The mechanic said itís an actuator. he then changed it to my old actuator still same problem. I then went to two different mechanics and I got told the actuator was not adjusting all the way down because the veins were sticking and I had a coil light flashing and limp mode but when I turned car of and on I had boost until the light came back on

2 weeks after the DPF light came on I couldnít regenerate it because the engine management light was on So I ordered a recon turbo got it fitted today same fault code same issue but this time I turn car of and on car is stuck on limp mode no power at all. The mechanic regen the DPF through snap on tool the dpf turned of but coil light still flashing loss of power. He also checked all the vacuum pipes and there all working as they should be. I got told to check the n75 sometimes they can go faulty Iíll have to check that in the morning.

If anyone has has this issue and has had it fixed could you please tell me what it can be Iím really struggling

Thank you

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