The clutch failed on my 2016 (just out of warranty) 2.0 GT Golf (27,000 miles). I took it to my local main dealership where I have it serviced. I know clutches aren't covered after 6000 mile/6months as they are generally classed as wear and tear items.

75 for diagnostics (no fault found).
105 for hydraulic inspection (no leaks found)
Advised to replaced Master Cylinder (508) and do a brake/clutch fluid bleed and refill (96).

Problem seemingly solved and I drove the car away feeling miffed at how much it had cost.
The next morning the clutch sprung down to the floor under tension as soon as I depressed it. 10 hour wait for RAC due to flood emergency recoveries (and as I was in a safe location at home). Work furious I couldn't go in.
Towed back to VW to be told it was the Slave Cylinder (900 repair).

Refusing to pay any more I contacted customer care. They agreed to pay the remaining costs.

Is it common for the slave to go after 4 year years of careful sparing use? I've never had a clutch fail on me.