Hoping someone can spread a little light on this.

I have 19 inch alloys on an A4 line avant 2018.Summer tyres are rubbish at best on this car so for winter looking at options.

1. Put 19 inch winter tyres on current rims -Price a little more than smaller but not much but on /off twice a year cost.

2.Ebay and get a set of 17 inch with winter tyres.

This bit is the confusing bit as there seems lots of offsets /sizes and models that may fit my model and year.

Found a good set of 17 inch with 225/55/17 winter tyres.Code is 8T0-071-497-A-8Z but this appears to be an A5 fitment though seller says they were off of A6.

Would these be ok or is there something I need to find speciffically ?

All help appreciated