Hi folks i am having a problem with my two key fobs which wont open the drivers door but will open all the rest.i have tried with vcds

[46 - Cent. Conv.] or [35 - Cent. Locking] (whichever is applicable to the car, as found here)

[Adaptation - 10]

Enter channel "01" (May be channel "21" in some Audi models).


This will display the number of currently stored remotes in "Stored Value".

Enter your total number of keys up to a maximum of 4(including any existing keys) in "New Value"


Verify that the number in "Test Value" is correct.

Then press and hold (for at least one second) the UNLOCK button on the fob, at which time it will be learned. If you're programming more than one fob press and hold the UNLOCK button on the second fob for one second, press and hold the UNLOCK button on the third fob for one second, etc. You have a total of 15 seconds to do them all.
The car may give you some sort of acknowledgement as each key is learned (lights flash, horn beep, etc.)

i also tried locking the car with the key in the key hole and the other one in the ignition but it wont work either and baffled a bit i hate paying dealers when i have the software here..by the way its an audi b8 model a4 avant 8k..hope somone can help..cheers