Hi all

Is there anyone using a Huawei P30Pro on Android Auto. Mine is a 4M form late 2016.

It generally works other than 3 queries, some of which may misrepresent my basic misunderstanding of Android Auto.
I am using the new version, with the icons & black background on MMI screen

1) When I plug in the USB, it always gives 3 choices: Charge phone/ transfer files / transfer photos ( more or less). Does the response matter/ how can I set a default answer

2) If I get a Notification on the phone ( Message/ WhatsApp/ App Notification) , Android Auto drops off the MMI and e.g. TunIn Radio stops and audio reverts to FM. I can suppress notifications in the Android Auto Setting menu on the phone, but that seems a bit extreme. Is there another way?

3) Volume setting. There appears to be a bug in the system whereby if I set a destination in the normal Audi Sat Nav, then go the Android menu, and I then adjust the volume, it says "Adjusting Guidance Volume" and I have go through a sequence of switching to nav and back again to allow the Audio volume to be adjusted. Anyone else notice this

All First World problems, but would be nice to resolve.