I’ve got 2002 mk4 Golf GT TDI 130 going under a suspension rebuild. Car is bare on everything stock and on 70k miles.

Was only meant to be a “fix whats broken” but got bit out of hand.

I initially bought poly bush kit from PSB bushes including rear axle beam bush but decided not to use poly on rear axle and spoken to customer service to return that part and they agreed.

My question is, does anyone have experience with PSB bushes specifically? (For front and rear wishbones and sway bar bushes)

They claim to be softer than their counterparts and more for road users rather than performance user. Assuming counterparts are Powerflex etc.

Is this true?

From what I read on forums etc not all poly’s are the same. Different shore/hardness scores etc.

Setup I’m going for as below;

-Bilstein B4 TC shocks front and rear
-Bilstein B3 Spring (standart front & heavy duty rear tho stock height)
-195/65/15 Michelin Crossclimate+ XL tires