Hi all, I'm a newbie so sorry for my lack of knowledge here.
I have a swb vw lt28 2.5 tdi, when I bought the van it already had a small oil leak from the crank case breather, but now somewhere below the oil filter there's a leak appeared. The oil filter cap is visible from the top of the engine and when I go under the van, there's another plastic cap oriented facing downwards with a couple of pipes which looks like its leaking. Can anyone tell me whether this is the oil cooler possibly?
I can't find a manual for this van.
The egr vacuum regulator solenoid had a broken wire so I've temporarily repaired this with 2 spade connectors.
When driving last week the engine stuttered and lost power briefly, now the glow plug light is flashing.
I've bought an adapter for the round obd socket and tried torque pro with an elm327 wifi adapter but I can't connect to the ECU.
Is vcds the only way to talk to the ECU to read codes?
There doesn't seem to be any power loss (not that there's much anyway) no smoking, no strange noises.

Any help with these few things would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks