Hey guys,

So I have a Golf GTi MK7 and ever since I have bought this car it had the handy feature of dropping the mirror down when I engage into reverse. Worked for two years with no problem.

Last week I reversed into my drive and that was the last time this feature worked, it dipped the mirror perfectly. A few hours later I drove the car and the mirror failed to come up by itself (bare in mind I was driving on the motor way so I was way above the specified speed).

I then manually adjusted it to my driving position and no matter what I do it just doesn't want to budge when engaging reverse. I have tried all the instructions to set it, the little button is flicked on 'L' and I've tried turning this feature on and off from the settings. Absolutely no luck!

I popped into my local dealers who tried to adjust it/fix it and they suggested I come back when their master mechanic is in.

I think plugging the car in to specifically look at the passenger side module might shed some light? Any ideas? If anyone is around locally near Harrow or Surrey (where I work) and will be willing to help, I'd be grateful!

Thanks in advance!