Hi All,

I bought a audi a1 s line 2012 a few months back and have been trying to get the bleutooth audio player to work, i have tried using VCDS to find any issues, i cant.
I have tried updating the firmware twice, no luck.
The bluetooth comes up saying "bluetooth is deactivated, clikc to activate" i click to actiavte and it just searches for ages with nothing.
In the green menu the power state of BT module is off, and no devices have ever been connected

i have the microphone so it must be installed right? the telephone says not installed but i think thats a seperate part of the car. I have tried 4 different phones and no luck

i've been told i might need to flash other parts of the car after the firmware updates, but no idea what

I am in need of help, ive spent months trying to fix it!

thanks in advance guys, appreciate any help