I own an Amarok 2012 with 140k on it, 100+k of those miles was done by me in the last 3.5 years.
My problem is the red oil pressure light flashing and beeping usually only after an hour or so of motorway driving when I lift off the gas pedal and start to slow down.
An oil service seems to cure it for about 2 thousand miles or so but then it returns, intermittently at first but but the closer I get to the next oil change it happens more regular until it occurs every time I lift off the gas.
I have had this problem checked out a few times and the mechanic can not find any thing wrong.
Since my ownership its had an EGR cooler and valve, head gasket and oil pump and is serviced every 8-10k.
The vast majority of my driving is motorway miles and about 15% of it towing a 2.5 tonne trailer, when towing the light comes on even when just cruising unless I leave it in 5th gear and it doesn't come on at all.
Also on start up the truck sometimes goes in to limp mode and other times it lets me drive as normal but its like the turbos are not working, so I switch it off and on again 2-3 times and all is good again. Both issues have been happening for the last 80 thousand miles or so. So now Im looking at getting shot of it but would rather this issue is sorted first.
Has anybody heard of this or suffered with it as its slowly driving me nuts