Was coming back from The Lowry theatre last night, just about to go onto M602 when this Matt Green Audi pulled up beside me, I have never seen this particular model before and have tried looking on Audis' site and all I can come up with is the R8.

Lokking at pictures of the R8 and what I saw last night not too sure they were the same model, the car I saw had quite a long chassis, was very low to the ground and as I said Matt Green in colour, there were no badges on the rear of the car saying what model it was just the rings that Audi use.

Maybe it was a version of the R8 that just looks different in pictures than in real life, I know it is a long shot but would any one hazard a guess as to the model I saw, it was a fabulously looking car of which I had never seen before, I have even checked to see what if any Supercars that Audi make, thanks in advance to anyone that can educate me!!