Hello everyone.

I own an Audi A3 8L 1.9 TDi ASZ 96 kW.
I have a couple of mods on it.
Straight pipe exhaust from turbo (no restrictions), K&N, closed EGR, turbo mods and remap.

I am experiencing a problem with power.
Currently i have 155 hp.
In last couple of months i had problem with engine performance, i run some tests and my MAF was not reading enough air.
I bought a new one from pierburg but the problem was still there. Then my turbo needed rebuild so I thougt that is the problem.
I have rebuild my turbo and i wanted to do a mild hybrid, I asked the turbo dealer and they inserted compressor wheel thats about 2.5 mm bigger than stock 96 kW. If I remember correctly the same is on 2.0 HDi 163 hp.
Even after turbo rebuild there was the same problem.
Finnaly i figured out someone has changed my MAP sensor it was 2.5 BAR so in reality the readings were off and turbo was not making an actual air flow like on MAP reading.
I replaced the MAP and now my MAF reads fine 950-1200.
But i still have the problem with low power figures. Currently my turbo preassure is 2.6- 2.7 BAR on MAP and the airflow is also ok but power is 155 max.
When my tuner pushed the turbo further to about 2.85-9 power figures were about 175 hp.
But that is bit too much for this turbo.
I checked everything, timing, replaced the tandem pump, o-rings and seals, readjusted injectors and the readings are ok in vcds but there is no power as it should be.
Does anyone have an idea where to look next.

Thanks in advance.