Hi all

I had issue with my car locking system in December so when i took to AUDI they told me they reset the key but i cant see it in my notes or they cant see it in ther notes.

I am having same issue still - the issue is when i drive off the car does not lock it. I may stop and drive off again and have to do few times before it locks or press lock on driver side few times before it finally locks. So i took it back today (now out of warranty) and they told me the issue is active/static fault with read door lock - requires new

My warranty was expiring mid December and i took my car for repairs week before that. was my fault for not checking notes then to see what they done to lock issue they just told me verbally as thats what they have done. Is there anything i can do? When i went to drop car if it was defo on the notes but not showing on the post job - or do i just have to take the hit.

Also they mentioned i have gear box leak, has anyone else ever had this with their car before? IS there any recommenced garage in London i can go to that is audi specialist?